The beautiful thing about CrossFit is whether you are 80 or 8 you can do it!

This class will help your children better understand how to move their bodies in a safe way, increase their endurance levels and foster good sportsmanship inside and outside of this CrossFit community.

They will experience for themselves all of the reasons so many love this amazing sport!

West Coast SC Kids & Teens program is especially designed for kids combining movements from gymnastics and athletics into a fun, action packed fitness program that helps kids develop endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance & accuracy.

As our children are becoming more and more sedentary and with childhood obesity rising at an alarming rate, there is a growing need to incorporate health and fitness into the lives of our kids. By laying a solid foundation of fitness ideals from an early age, we can reduce risk of disease, injury, and build a better future for our young ones. Since CrossFit is a generalist program, our kids program follows a similar philosophy.

We cover the broad skills and movements essential for life and athletics. Improvements in the gym translate directly to better performance on the rugby field as well as the playground. Sessions are structured around a briefing, warm-up, technical focus and a workout of the day known as a ‘WOD’ and games. Emphasis is placed on kids having fun exercising, reaching goals and teamwork. In addition good nutrition and effective study habits are also actively encouraged.


Our biggest goal is that the kids have fun!!!

We want them to be excited each week to come back and
learn about fitness through play.