What brought you to WCSC in the first place?

I had both knees replaced and started physical therapy. I felt the therapy was designed for little old ladies, so I went online searching for strength and agility. I came across some CrossFit videos and thought “wow this is for me.” At my 6-month check up, I asked my surgeon if he would clear me for CrossFit. He told me three conditions, no lifting weights over my head, no weights on my back and no jumping. He didn’t want me grinding the plastic disks in my knees. He said he would see me one year later and if I had excessive wear, he would bench me. I searched for gyms in Ventura and Oxnard and found HyperFit at West Coast. The description sounded just what I was looking for and what my surgeon would approve. After my first class I was hooked. I went back for the one year check up and the surgeon said everything was perfect. In fact, he had me do lunges, squats and burpees in the office and filmed me to show to all his knee replacement patients.

What was your first impression? How has that changed

I knew my legs and cardio were out of shape after years of not being able to doing much of anything. My first goal, was to be able to do more reps than the pregnant lady in class. When I finally did, I was excited about my progress until I realized it was probably because she was just further along. I decided to push myself harder, but always remembering what my surgeon said. The coaches were great and if they saw me doing something I shouldn’t they would call me on it and get me back to following doctor’s orders. I started to see and feel results and that was it, I was addicted. People at work noticed the changes, the bounce in my step going up and down all of our stairs. Many of my coworkers know people who have had knee replacements and have never seen anyone bounce back like I did. Now, I can’t miss a workout. I love the challenge of going faster than I did before, doing more reps than I did before and doing things I couldn’t before.

How has WCSC made your life better?

I knew when I turned 60 I had better change some things. We all dream about losing weight and getting in shape. West Coast has helped me live the dream. I’ve lost 45 pounds in 18 months, and weigh less than when I played football in high school and 25 pounds less than when I played football in college (which of course is why I needed the new knees). In those days it was heavy weight lifting and bulking up. Now I have my legs back under me, I have the cardio I used to have and can honestly say I feel like I am in my 20’s and 30’s again. How do you put a value on something like that? The coaches and the people I work out with encourage me every day and keep me motivated. West Coast introduced me to the body fat test and the nutrition to change your body fat levels. I can’t imagine going back to my old life and not working out. Thanks West Coast.