In all honesty, my wife Allison, got me through the door.  I was way too fat and needed to do something.  WCSC was offering a Groupon and we came in.  So, fatness and cheapness got me in.

Terror.  Terror was my first impression.  That first day the class was doing clean & jerks and dropping the barbell from overhead.  Honest to god I thought we were going to die.  We started with the Hyperfit classes which were ass-kickers to say the least.  I think we were sore for the first month.  Now that I’m addicted to the post-workout endorphins, I can’t imagine not working out.  I will bitch and moan about it, but I’ll never stop working out.

What was your first “aha” moment?

Hmmm, there were several.  I think the first was when I was learning how to do the Olympic lifts.  After trying them with light weights, the movement didn’t really click until I put some weight on the bar.  The increased load forced me to use as good of form as I could.

Another “aha” moment was realizing how hard the gymnastics moves are.  I remember watching a demo of an L-sit and thinking “oh, my abs are pretty good, I can do that.” Wrong!  I could barely extend my tree trunk legs.

What are you working on now?

Now I’m working on getting my body fat down to 20%.  That and strict pull-ups.  Gravity is my enemy.

What’s your favorite WCSC memory?

That’s tough because there are many.  Running my first beer mile.  Completing the Evolution Challenges.  The camaraderie that comes from shared suffering.