What brought you to WCSC in the first place?

When I turned 40 I realized that I had two directions I could take with my fitness. I could continue on the current trajectory, which seemed to be working okay or I could try to exercise more aggressively. The feeling of being at the crossroads as well as the fact I was preparing for my black belt exam (I practice Shotokan Karate in Camarillo) ultimately pushed me to try WCSC. It quickly happened that I would go to Crossfit more frequently than I would go to karate.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

I was a bit intimidated at first. The orientation classes really helped ease my anxieties. The first official class was a bit daunting. I certainly am not intimidated anymore. The coaches help to make me comfortable and, of course, the community of athletes is great at making me feel welcome.

What was your first “aha” moment?

Although I am by no means proficient at them, the first kipping pull-up I did was important. It was one of those Crossfit skills that was totally new to me when I first saw it and I had serious doubts about whether or not I would ever do it. When I did the pull-up for the first time I could see that both my technique and my strength had improved from the time that I started at WCSC.

What are you working on now?

Stupid double unders. The bain of my existence. After that, I’m hoping to get handstand push-ups figured out.

What’s your favorite WCSC memory?

You know, the fitness is my justification for coming and all of the benchmarks that I have set so far have been meaningful to me. But when it comes down to, the part that is the most special is the community. I particularly enjoy the Saturday team workouts. I love working out with some people who I don’t see at the classes I normally attend. But what is most special, I have to admit, is looking over and seeing my daughter Zen coach with Ryan or play with Augie while I’m working out. It really exemplifies the family spirit that underlies our Box. Plus she really enjoys it and it gives my wife a break. A win on three counts!