Ed: I was looking for a gym that I would enjoy going to consistently. I’ve signed up for several gym memberships, but never felt motivated enough to go everyday. I’ve tried crossfit once before and enjoyed how the workouts were set up. It helped that my wife wanted to try a crossfit gym as well.

M: I’d always wanted to try CrossFit. I think that being as strong as you can be is critical to a foundation of health. I knew CrossFit encouraged the same philosophy so I knew it was a good fit. I also wanted to belong to a community of people who encouraged each other to be better than the person they were before.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

Ed: I was a bit nervous at first because I wasn’t very good at some of the Olympic lifting exercises that were incorporated in the workouts. Now the Olympic lifting class is among my favorite classes to attend and I’m going to the gym every chance I get.

M: My first impression was that it was super difficult for me, never having trained in this way. I was stuck in the mindset that I was just too small (I weigh close to 100 lbs)! My mindset changed significantly because I’ve learned that I’m much stronger than I thought I was. Both the men and women of WCSC have encouraged me to keep pushing past my self imposed boundaries. Ed has especially been supportive always helping me adjust my mindset to succeed on a day to day basis.

What was your first “aha” moment?

Ed: My “aha” moment was when my lower back stopped hurting during workouts. For the first several classes I had to be told to scale down the workout or stop altogether because my lower back would start hurting. After a couple of months my lower back was no longer an issue.

M: My first aha moment was meeting Sue. She and I are about the same size. It was a partner work out where we had to carry each other. I was hesitant to have Sue carry me because I didn’t want to hurt her. Sue, of course wasn’t worried! During that class I learned from Sue that size in not the only factor. I thought “If Sue can push her limits, then so can I.” From there I’ve had many moments where I’m saying to myself, “I’m actually lifting this right now and not dying.”

What are you working on now?

Ed: Now I’m working on improving my technique for power cleans and squat cleans. The Olympic lifts are probably my favorite exercises to work on.

M: I’m working on the overhead lifts and building confidence around these movements. I’m also working on figuring out which muscles I need to engage most with different movements. I know both will be an on going goal.

What’s your favorite WCSC memory, either solo or as a couple?
Ed: My favorite memories are running through the doors of the gym with Mirena just before the workout starts at 7:59am and sometimes 8:01am. Also making jokes with Mirena, and Chris about whatever random thing we’re talking about.

M: I enjoy going to the gym and have made many great memories. However, my favorite memories are in the car on the way home. Not because we’re leaving, but because Ed and I discuss which accomplishments we’re proud of and where we can improve. It is special to be able to encourage each other in our goals.