We both got our membership as a gift. That seems to be the way our kids, Mike/Nik and Adri get us to DO something different. The kids were doing this thing called Crossfit so we thought we would follow along so we could understand what they were talking about. We are so happy they encouraged us!

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

Sue: Funny thing…. I loved that there were NO Mirrors. I liked that no one was wearing designer workout clothes. Best of all…immediately…. everyone was soooo friendly and supportive. My confidence was pretty low and it helped me to not feel like a complete dweeb. Besides our son, Mike wouldn’t let me out the door! I will always be glad he did that. My first 6am class started with Danelle greeting me with a hand shake and saying “Welcome to the 6 amers! ” Danelle will never know how much that helped calm my anxiety.

Dan:  I had been to the gym watching events Mike and Nicole were doing. I was always impressed with the positive vibes. I heard the family “talk” but I never expected it to become so important in my life.

Positive Vibes… “Friendly” turned into amazing Friendships…. First impressions say alot… but the lasting reality is WCSC had become our foundation to stay fit so we can PLAY hard! The coaching and programming is superior. It is remarkable how balanced the approach is and for us just the problem solving to remember how many reps we have done keeps our brain cells alive. Keywords: Non-judgmental philosophy, trust in the coaching staff, superior programming, scaleable movements, FUN, sweat …..most definitely Endorphins….

What was your first “aha” moment?

Dan: A recent AHA is watching my old friend (keyword: old) Jim evolve into a badass athlete and realizing… this is what this gym is all about!  I came into Crossfit injured from overuse of pretty much every part of my body. I had rotator cuff surgery my first year at the gym.  With the careful and knowledgeable training at WCSC I have recovered stronger. My personal goal was to do pullups again which has happened! I also love climbing the rope and can do that now. I am ready to climb a coconut tree on a tropical island again!

Sue: We keep having AHA moments…. when we hike, swim, play and be silly with our active grandsons… we are STRONG and able to have FUN. One particular AHA moment came this summer at our 50th High School Reunion and realized by comparison our bodies are holding up just fine with the test of time. At one point I wondered where all the “old people” came from in the room! Huge thank you to WCSC for THAT!

What are you working on now?

Sue: …..being upside down in a handstand…..omg how do I get down?

Dan: Love the upper body work we have been doing.

We both love the diverse programing… recovery is a challenge for us and the balance helps. The warm up structure is great for loosening up at 6am. The impromptu games are fun. This start to the workout sets us up for a successful WOD! Fun… and success… couldn’t ask for more.

What’s your favorite WCSC memory, either solo or as a couple?

Sue: Memories from 6am… huh? It’s kinda like… Did we workout today? Oh yeah we must have we have Beacon coffee in our cup…. and sweat on our shirts… yup… Awake now…SMILING.

We both agree the common bond with others at the gym has become our initial reason for getting up each morning. The bleary eyed greetings, the laughter AND the HARD work make it easy to commit to improving our fitness.

Dan: I want to thank WCSC for their professional and insightful training methods. As a retired teacher I understand how difficult it is to keep a class running smoothly. Especially classes of such diverse abilities… not to mention the laughing and chatting.  The coaches do it with seemingly little effort but I KNOW that is because they are well prepared and highly educated in their field. That impresses me every time I go into the gym.
Our future goal is to:“Live Long, Drop Dead”(Mark Sisson)