I was never into working out too much, but one day I decided that I really needed to make a change healthwise. I had tried CrossFit in the past and I remembered how great of a workout it was so I decided to find a new gym and try it out again. I found WCSC and haven’t looked back since!

Everyone was very welcoming at the gym, but I was so nervous! I was scared of all the workouts especially since. I never really worked out, and I also never really did any weight training prior to that besides a few CrossFit classes I had taken in the past so it was all completely new to me. My impression has completely changed. I’m not scared of any WOD anymore and I love to challenge and push myself especially when the workout may be harder than the last.


What was your first “aha” moment?

Hitting a deadlift PR of 205! That was awesome! I have noticed such a difference in the way I feel and look and that’s what keeps me going. I also ran a 5K this year and beat my time by almost eight minutes from last year and I know that’s all thanks to crossfit. This gym really has changed a lot of my life for the better!


What are you working on now?

Now that I really enjoy working out, I’m working on bettering my nutrition. I know that with plenty of exercise and a good diet I can accomplish my physique goals.


What’s your favorite WCSC memory?

I have so many! One of my favorite days was Christmas Eve. That WOD was brutal. I really just enjoy taking classes. The coaches and members are all so great and make the class very enjoyable. I feel like we are all one big happy family making memories one class at a time!