What brought you to WCSC in the first place?

I’ve always liked working out but struggled to find an activity that motivated me in my “adult” years.  My sister also does crossfit, and she told me the workouts are structured kind of like a swim workout and sometimes there are handstands involved.  I jumped right on it when I heard that.  At the same time, Shannon informed me that she started at WCSC just months before and encouraged me to come play.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

The very first thing I noticed was the red and black stripe around the gym.  It reminded me of the gym that I used to workout in as a kid.  I thought to myself, “Do all gyms paint that stripe on the wall?” Now, I find no comfort knowing it’s for wall balls.

The other thing I’ve always notice is how strong the women are.  Everyday I love seeing ladies push themselves to the limit and lift heavy things over their heads. Nothing has changed here; I continue to be inspired by the strength in our bodies and mind.

How has WCSC made your life better?

Honestly, the best thing that WCSC has done is giving me a community of healthy-minded people to interact with. Since I joined, I feel stronger, healthier, and ready for summer beach season.