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Finding a workout program that will work for you is an important step to achieving your fitness and health goals. When trying to find a program, it’s important to find one that is appropriate for your current fitness level, directed towards your goals, works within your schedule, fits within your budget, and is designed to keep you interested, excited, and progressing for many years to come.

Welome to CrossFit Ventura.

Meet Amy. Amy hasn’t worked out consistently in years. She’s tried joining gyms and bootcamps in the past, but would always lose motivation and stop coming before seeing any significant results. She’s gained a bit of weight recently and wants to try something new that will help her tone up and keep her interested so that she’ll want to continue coming for long-term results.

Amy starts researching the various fitness programs in Ventura, and comes across CrossFit Ventura. After reading some of the success stories, she decides that she wants to give it a shot and see what happens. She fills out the online consult form and within 24 hours, receives a call from one of the coaches to set up her free consultation.

Within a week, Amy is sitting down at her consultation discussing her goals and creating a plan to achieve them with a coach at the West Coast Strength & Conditioning facility. She’s a little nervous because she hasn’t worked out in years. However after hearing the coach explain how the classes have a 12-member limit, and how a coach would always be there to modify the workouts to her level, she feels more at ease…and even a little bit excited to get started.

The next day, Amy takes her first CrossFit 101 class. The class is focused primarily on teaching her the fundamental movements. After the workout at the end, she is both exhausted and exhilarated. Even though she is fairly sore the next day, she cannot wait to come back and take her next class.

2 months in the CrossFit program, not only is Amy already losing weight and toning up (her original goals), but just as importantly, she is still excited to be there. She has made many new friends in the classes, is enjoying having a brand new workout every time she comes in, and has already started making new goals. Her first new goal: to get her first pull-up.

After 1 year in, Amy cannot believe the results she has made. Not only was she able accomplish her initial goals, but has made and accomplished many more since.

That first pull-up that she wanted? Now she has 10!

Her husband, Brad, is so impressed by Amy’s results that he decides to give it a shot as well. Brad is already fairly fit to begin with, but after trying a month of CrossFit, he can’t believe how much stronger and fitter he is becoming as well. He never thought he’d enjoy the dynamics of being in a group class, but now he can’t seem to get enough of it.

With Crossfit Ventura, Amy and Brad have finally found a program to accomplish their fitness and health goals in a way that works for them.

You can do the same.


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What is CrossFit Ventura?
Based on the most cutting edge scientific understanding of physiology and program design, CrossFit Ventura is a strength & conditioning program with the goal of creating well-rounded fitness. Workouts are typically short, intense, and demanding all out physical excertion. The program combines movements such as running, rowing, biking, jumping rope, weightlifting, flipping tires, kettlebells, throwing medicine balls, and a wide variety of bodyweight movements.

These elements are mixed up in numerous ways, allowing for each CrossFit class to be a unique experience and keeping the program interesting to even the most veteran members. Classes are kept small (12 people at a maximum) and a expert coach is there to guide everyone through the movements to ensure good form and to modify the workouts for everyone’s individual fitness level and ability.

What CrossFit class is right for me?
CrossFit Ventura currently offers 3 types of CrossFit classes:

Intro to CrossFit – This is our introductory course, designed for those looking to get their first experience at a CrossFit workout. This class lasts 60 minutes, and includes a warm-up, workout and cool-down where we can answer any of your questions about CrossFit. This class is included in your 7-Day Free Pass.

CrossFit 101 - These classes are designed to expose the newest members of our CrossFit Ventura community to our foundational movements in a small group setting. Our 60 minute Movement Course sessions meet for three days a week for two weeks. Our coaches will provide intensive instruction and progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group class sessions. The Movement Course is ideal for individuals who are active, injury-free and looking for the most cost-effective way to get started with group coaching

CrossFit Group Classes – This is the main course for CrossFit-fanatics. These 60 minute classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels from the beginner fitness enthusiest to the most advanced athletes. Classes are capped at 12 members to ensure high quality coaching allowing everyone to get the best results possible while keeping it safe at the same time. Completion of all 6 Movement Courses or Personal Training is a prerequisite to begin these results-delivering classes

Olympic Lifting Classes – Among all the varied lifts we perform in CrossFit, the Olympic Lifts are the most difficult to learn and master. The 60-minute Olympic Lifting Classes are dedicated to teaching our members better technique with the Snatch, Clean and Jerk movements. This is a great option for anyone of any level to get more focused instruction on these fun, but technical lifts.

Who is CrossFit Ventura for?

CrossFit Ventura is for anyone who wants to experience a fast-paced, strength & conditioning program designed around functional movements. These classes foster a high level of motivation and community so they are perfect for those needed a little excitement in their workout regimen.

The workouts in the CrossFit classes are modified to each individual by an expert coach to ensure everyone gets a great workout.

If your goals include losing weight, long-term health, building strength, and/or developing higher levels of fitness performance, then the CrossFit Ventura program could be a great fit for you.

What can I expect from a CrossFit Class?

These are no ordinary workouts. This is a very effective, efficient group class training program using leading edge methods to drive performance and get you real results. Each 60 minute class consists of:

Warm-up: Your warm-up, led by the coach, is designed specifically for the training session of that day. The goal is to prepare your body through mobility and movement to get you as ready as possible for the demands of the training session. Since the workouts are always different, the warm-ups tend to be unique as well.

Strength Training: Most days in our CrossFit Classes, we spend the first bit after the warm-up doing strength training. This may be Olympic Lifting, Body-weight Movements, Power Lifts or any combination of the three. The addition of strength training (besides making you stronger) drives up your metabolic system and helps improve your fitness and health for long term progress.

Conditioning: On all days we do some sort of Conditioning. These fast-paced, high-intensity interval sessions are designed to get your heart pumping and muscles working hard to drive maximum results. We perform different types of metabolic conditioning every day. We change it  up all the time so we are constantly working towards improving your aerobic, lactate, or anaerobic systems…sometimes all at once!

Cool-Down: With anytime left at the end of class, we focus on cooing down, stretching out or working on core movements.

How much does it cost?

Pricing: Our CrossFit Ventura membership prices ranges from $115-$180 per month depending on a client’s goals and desired outcomes. We are committed to helping clients determine which membership option makes the most sense given their fitness needs and financial circumstances.

10% Discount for Military/Firefighters/LEO: Out of appreciation for their service, we extend a 10% discount off of our CrossFit Ventura memberships to all military/firefighters/LEO.

10% Discount for Students: We’ve been poor too, so until school loans cover fitness coaching, we’ll give you a break.

5% Discount for Family Members: Keeping fitness in the family is important to us at WCSC, so to help you out, we extend a 5% discount to both family members (10% in total)