HyperFit Group Classes

While CrossFit is a great program, it isn’t for everybody. While many people end up enjoying, and getting great benefits from lifting heavy weights in CrossFit, there are also many people out there who do not wish to lift heavy. For some, the idea of a program utilizing the principles of CrossFit without the use of lifting heavy weights, may be more appealing.
Welcome to HyperFit.
Meet Tim. Tim has had a membership to the same local “Franchise Gym” for the past 5 years. He goes there occasionally, but is not really sure what to do while there, and never seems to build much muscle or lose body-fat.
Tim has heard about the incredible results people get from doing CrossFit for years, but has always been turned off by the heavy weightlifting. He thinks he would enjoy and get results from a program similar to it, but cannot find anyone that offers a CrossFit program without the weightlifting portion.
A friend tells Tim about the HyperFit program at West Coast Strength & Conditioning. Tim looks up the website and finds out that it is exactly the program he has been looking for. He also notices that there is a Free Workout for the program and decides to give it a try.
Tim goes to his first HyperFit class and notices everyone seems excited to be there. Members are talking to each other, telling stories, and laughing over jokes. The coach seems to know everybody and begins introducing Tim to the group. Everyone seems to be genuinely friendly and welcoming…a lot different than his local “Franchise Gym” where no one seems friendly at all.
The class starts, and the coach guides Tim and everyone else through a warm-up and then reviews all the movements that they will be performing that day. The workout is explained, and before long, he has started. While the movements are new to him, the coach constantly comes around to check on him, giving him cues, and making sure he is performing the movements correctly.
When Tim finishes the workout, he realizes this is the hardest he has ever worked out in his life. And he feels great! Although he is sore the next day, he continues coming back and decides to sign up for a month-to-month membership at the end of the week.
It doesn’t take Tim long to see results with HyperFit. After just 6 weeks, he is clearly losing body-fat, gaining muscle, and feeling a lot better. Unlike before, he is excited to go to the gym each day and feels more fit than he ever has in his life.
Want to do the same?

To Get Started:

Come in to any scheduled Hyperfit class ten minutes before it starts, find a coach, sign a waiver, and workout!


What is HyperFit?
Exclusive to West Coast Strength & Conditioning, HyperFit is a 60-minute class that incorporates a fast-paced aerobic workout with high-intensity interval training. Designed with the principles of CrossFit and functional movements in mind, this class is perfect for those looking for a non-stop action-filled hour of exercise, without the heavy weightlifting involved in our CrossFit Ventura program. Our focus is on aerobic endurance, muscle stamina, flexibility, core, and agility training.

  • Non-stop, action-filled hour of intense exercise
  • Great alternative to CrossFit if not interested in lifting heavy weights
  • Led by an expert coach to maximize safety and results
  • Completely customizable to your skill level and ability
Who is HyperFit for?

If your goal is to shed weight and improve your health, HyperFit will be an extremely effective program for you. The low load, high-intensity interval training will help you burn fat, and build muscle without the fear of bulking up. All workouts hit all the major muscle groups and speeds up your metabolic rate, leading to continual fat burn long after the class is over.

If your goal is athletic or performance based, HyperFit is a great foundational program to help build your endurance and stamina. Even if you usually go to CrossFit classes, you’ll see leaps in your performance by adding HyperFit classes to your workout schedule.

What can I expect from a HyperFit Class?

Each 60 minute class consists of:

Warm-up: Your warm-up, led by the coach, is designed specifically for the training session of that day. The goal is to prepare your body through mobility and movement to prepare you for the demands of the training session.

Movement Review: An expert coach will guide you through how to perform the wide-range of movements and stations being used that day.

Workout: These fast-paced, high-intensity interval workouts are designed to burn fat, get your heart pumping, and get the most out of all your muscles. Workouts are always new and varied, so that you never repeat the same workout and never get bored.

Cool-Down: With anytime left at the end of class, we focus on cooling down, stretching out or working on core movements.

How much does it cost?

Pricing: Our HyperFit membership price is $135/month for unlimited classes.

10% Discount for Military/Firefighters/LEO/Government employees: Out of appreciation for their service, we extend a 10% discount off of our HyperFit memberships to all military/firefighters/LEO.

10% Discount for Students: We’ve been poor too, so until school loans cover fitness coaching, we’ll give you a break.

5% Discount for Family Members: Keeping fitness in the family is important to us at WCSC, so to help you out, we extend a 5% discount to both family members (10% in total)