12 December 2012
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Committed Athlete: Adrian Mummey

Adrian Mummey

Software Engineer, part-time student

Type of training before CrossFit:
I’ve always dabbled in weightlifting at the globogym but it wasn’t until a couple years ago when I started training more seriously. I got into triathlons and did a lot of training related to that and also started doing a lot of kettlebell work. When I heard about crossfit I knew that it was exactly the type of fitness program I was looking for.

Favorite Workouts?
I like timed WODs rather than AMRAPs. For me beating the clock is slightly more gratifying than beating total reps. I really enjoy working on Olympic lifting too. As much as I enjoy running on my own, I dread any workout that involves running.

Any hobbies you have outside of the gym?
I  try to go on trail runs when I can and in the summer I enjoy ocean swimming. Lately been involved with a kickball league which is really fun.

Something about you that not too many people at WCSC know?
After college I lived in Mongolia for five years and can speak Mongolian fairly well.

Any words of advice for newer members at WCSC?
One of the things that has helped me a lot in training is to not only focus on the state of my body, but also the state of my mind. The fact is the WOD is going to hurt and you can’t really just ignore the pain. You can choose whether or not you are going to let the pain stop you, or if you are just going to accept it and keep moving forward.

Any other comments?
WCSC has been a very positive experience for me. I think the people I have met have been amazingly friendly and supportive and I look forward to many more awesome times in the future.


“Creating a Stable Low Back with Better Hip Mechanics”,with Kelly Starrett

Strength & Conditioning

CrossFit Ventura

“Aerobic Power Development”
AMR in 12 minutes @ 85% effort:
5 Power Cleans – moderate/light load
10 Box Jumps @ 24″/20″ – stepdown
200m Run

rest 6 minutes

AMR in 12 minutes @ 85% effort:
5 Burpees
10 Wall Balls
250m/200m Row or 15/10 cal Airdyne


Sample Individualized Program Design: Jen Tondu

Power Clean; x 5 sets; rest 3 min
(rest 15 sec between reps)
EMOTM For 20 minutes:
Even Min: 10 Wall Balls @ 14# to 9ft
Odd Min: 10 Kettlebell Swings @ 35#

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  1. High fives to your one year anniversary! Nice work.