Chris Ball

Chris is the Co-Owner and Director of Training at WCSC. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Certified Olympic Lifting Coach, and Optimum Performance Training Associate Coach with over 7 years of CrossFit training, and 5 years of coaching and nutrition counseling experience.  Outside of coaching at WCSC, Chris spent 13 years on active duty in the Air Force.

Chris found CrossFit 7 years ago while working in the Air Force at the Pentagon.  He was bored with the standard gym workouts and was looking for something that would push him to be the best athlete that he could be.  CrossFit allowed Chris to become not only a better athlete and stronger person, but it also met the physical demands that were needed to be in the military. During his time in the Air Force, Chris worked as a squadron Physical Training Leader. During his time in the Air Force he ran two military CrossFit affiliates, CrossFit Bolling in Washington D.C. and CrossFit Camp Eggers in Kabul Afghanistan.

Chris is looking forward to bringing his love of sports and healthy living into the lives of his clients.



Jaala Thibault

Jaala Thibault is the Co-Owner of WCSC. Jaala is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and brings years of experience to West Coast Strength & Conditioning/CrossFit Ventura as both a collegiate athlete and coach. In her childhood, Jaala competed in club swimming and track and field and later received a swimming and academic scholarship to the University of New Mexico, an NCAA Division 1 school. As a Lobo, Jaala competed in both swimming and track and field. After completing her swimming career, Jaala coached the Lady Lobos’ Swim Team for a year as an assistant, and would later coach swimming in the People’s Republic of China at the Sichuan Institute of Sports (part of the Chinese Olympic training system). Jaala has also had the opportunity to coach volleyball and basketball in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Jaala’s goal as a coach is to bring CrossFit into the lives of her clients as a way to heal injuries and improve their lives both physically and mentally. She encourages her clients not to give in to surgery or drugs or other quick fixes to health problems; instead she works to show people that healing can happen with a great exercise program, a healthy diet, a good community, and commitment to making these things happen. Jaala is fully dedicated to guiding her clients on their own unique journeys.

As an athlete, Jaala has competed in CrossFit at both the Southern California and the Asia Regional competitions as an individual. She is also an endurance athlete, recently qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Outside of Crossfit, Jaala is an ESL Instructor at University of California-Santa Barbara.




Ryan Snider

Ryan Snider is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, USAW Certified Sports Performance Coach and Optimum Performance Training Associate Coach with a Bachelors degree from CSUCI, who has been training at West Coast Strength & Conditioning for over 4 years. Starting as a graduate level assistant coach with Buena High School Basketball, he worked his way up to the main assistant  JV basketball coach; helping run summer practice, tournaments and the summer freshman orientations, along with his normal in game responsibilities. Ryan spent the next five years as a coach going to clinics across the country learning from such basketball greats as Coach K, Bob Knight, Roy Williams, Sean Miller and John Calipari.

Ryan found Crossfit when his good friend showed him these “crazy” workouts that did not really look all that hard but always ended up leaving him in a heap on the floor. After one workout, he was hooked. Starting at the YMCA was not easy, trying to do Olympic lifts with metal weights or trying to hang rings from the cable crossover machine often got Ryan in trouble. Shortly after that, West Coast SC came calling and Ryan took one look around and found new place to call home.

Ryan does not just find enjoyment in coaching but in participating in the sports of Basketball, CrossFit, and anything else that allows him to show his fun but competitive nature.




Stephanie Vermeychuk

Stephanie Vermeychuk is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, a Certified ISSA Fitness Instructor, and a USAW Certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. Steph brings to West Coast Strength & Conditioning not only a passion for CrossFit, but also a real enthusiasm and desire to help people change their lives through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Her athletic background includes years of playing basketball, volleyball, and softball, and she began weightlifting in high school. Stephanie played varsity volleyball at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where she received her degree with majors in English and biology. After receiving her master’s degree from Georgetown University, Stephanie played competitive volleyball in the USAV as well as in a short-lived DC-area professional women’s volleyball league. Stephanie is a high school English teacher, and she has over 10 years of experience coaching high school athletes at the varsity level.

In her own training, Stephanie has found a way to take her fitness to the next level. She believes the intensity of the workouts and the sense of community at West Coast Strength & Conditioning are unrivaled, and the quantifiable results are exceptionally motivating for athletes of every level. Stephanie is excited to share CrossFit with others, and to show them the path to living a healthy and fit life.




James Engesser

James Engesser is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. Having just graduated from college in May 2014, James is currently applying to Physical Therapy school. James has always lived an active lifestyle, and has played almost every sport: baseball, basketball, soccer, and field hockey (yes, guys can play too, and no, I didn’t wear a skirt). Being an athlete his whole life, James’ future career plans include working with athletes to rehab them to top physical form.

James’ CrossFit journey began in high school while training for basketball. Having a strong dislike for running, the high-intensity metabolic conditioning workouts proved to be more beneficial, and more fun, for getting in shape for basketball than simply running. Outside of CrossFit, James enjoys hiking, shooting hoops, and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 





 Craig Wobig

Craig Wobig is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Endurance Coach, and “Functional Movement Screen” certified. A life long athlete, Craig competed at the Division 1 Collegiate level in Track & Field at Cal Poly. He has trained for and competed in numerous triathlons including Ironman Brazil, and has completed multiple marathons and half-marathons. Craig enjoys many other physical activities including cycling, backpacking, and swimming.

Craig has been training with West Coast Strength & Conditioning/CrossFit for numerous years. In 2009, after Ironman Brazil, he fell in love with the high-intensity sessions and benefits he noticed from this strength and conditioning program. He is happy to share all he has learned and excelled at with others who are seeking to improve their own fitness.

Outside of West Coast Strength & Conditioning, Craig is a career Fire fighter/ Engineer in the Los Angeles City Fire Department and is part of both the Swift Water Rescue Team and Urban Search and Rescue Team. He is also part of the working group responsible for developing the training academies’ fitness development programs.




Jason Havelka

Jason Havelka is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and is CrossFit Striking Certified. Jason is currently a Ventura County Deputy Sheriff who started CrossFit 1873, a law enforcement affiliate that focuses on improving the fitness of all Ventura County
Sheriff’s Employees. He is the team captain of the VCSO’s Baker to Vegas competitive running team. Jason has been competing on the Baker to Vegas team, representing Ventura County, for five years.

Jason is a former Division-1 collegiate athlete. He played tennis at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. He was a USPTA certified Tennis Professional and the Head Tennis Coach at Sunset Hills Country Club for 7 years. He has trained for
and competed in numerous races including half marathons, trail races, and mud/obstacle races. During his free time Jason enjoys other physical activities including surfing, mountain biking, and basketball.

Jason began training with WCSC over four years ago. He believes that the results of the high-intensity sessions have given him improved performances in competitions and races each year, and hopes to show clients that this type of training is beneficial to everyone.




Mike Harding

Mike Harding is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. Before joining a CrossFit gym, Mike followed the CrossFit mainsite for several years, and eventually recruited co-workers, family members, and friends to join him in partaking in the many benefits of CrossFit. Mike also has experience in sports such as swimming, water polo, snowboarding, surfing, and triathlons, as well as participating in events like the Ragnar Relay Race, Santa Cruz Island Trail Run (23K), Tough Mudder type events, and the inaugural Endeavor Challenge.

In his spare time, Mike is usually putting out a variety of fires, mixing cocktails that may or may not be Paleo, wrangling a small child (soon to be plural), and can often be found in various air or ocean apparti. Mike enjoys bacon, mud, unusual weapons, handstand push-ups, and large bodies of water. He strives to be able to squat as effortlessly as his two year old son.

In addition to his CrossFit knowledge and fitness experience, Mike can also probably help you out if you injure yourself, are on fire, or lock yourself out of your vehicle while training at WCSC. Mike enjoys demonstrating that with proper fitness your mind will be your only limiting factor in life’s challenges. Additionally, if you need advice on which CrossFit shoes to purchase, Mike is your guy (he’s tried them all).