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West Coast Strength and Conditioning is the home of CrossFit Ventura. Established in 2008, CrossFit Ventura is the county’s first affiliate.

Our community is strong and supportive; we are a family at CrossFit Ventura. No matter where you start or where you are headed with your goals, there is a place here for you.

Our members range from people who want to be in great shape for their hobbies, jobs, and for life, to athletes who compete in CrossFit, are training for triathlons, marathons, open water swims, mixed martial arts, mountain biking, Endurance events, and various other sporting endeavors. We are teachers, students, military members, police officers, chemists, dog-lovers, lawyers, chefs, grandparents, writers, business people and much more.

Our coaches are certified through CrossFit (Level 1, Coaches Prep Course, and Endurance), USA Weightlifting, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program. They have experience competing in semi-professional sports, collegiate athletics, and all of them grew up playing both individual and team sports.

Our facility is a 3,600 square-foot fitness playground! Here you will not see rows of treadmills, mirrors or televisions; you will see an open layout that caters to our philosophy of providing constantly varied activities. We use the space for Olympic Lifting, interval training, sprinting, jumping, rowing, cycling, yoga, mobility, and the occasional dodgeball game.

Our mission is to enhance lives and make the world a more pleasant place through healthy living, fitness, and being part of a strong community.

Our classes are 60 minutes long and programmed from warm-up to cool-down. Whether you choose to participate in CrossFit, HyperFit, Olympic Lifting you will never wonder what to do next; our coaches will be leading you the entire way from mobility and stretching, to skills work, lifting strategy and technique.